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July 8, 2019 birdie 0

In the olden days, there were pickaxes. It had a long wooden handle with a metal blade. This acted as a lever to use the force from a worker’s back muscles and arms. It took a lot of time and effort to dig a hole or drill a rock. The Modern day answer to this tool is the Air Hammer also known as Jackhammer. What is an Air Hammer? Air Hammer is a hand tool. It is a pneumatic tool used for carving, breaking, cutting metal objects or even stone. Reports state that a skilled and strong worker uses a pickaxe about 10 times or more in a minute. Compared to this, the Air hammer pounds the ground around 1500 times a minute. It also has the option to accept different tools as per the function required such as removing screws, seized bolts, etc. The name itself is very intriguing so it is best to discuss how does the air Hammer work? Inbuilt in the hammer is a circuit of air tubes. Air is pumped from the compressor into the jackhammer from a valve on one side. This makes the pile driver, drill bit, etc. to work. For more information check