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Finance calculators are essential tools to help you calculate your entire accounting related math. We all need these calculators at some point of time or other, when we fill in our taxes or when we plan our budgets or seek a loan. These calculators are available throughout the Internet and as programs that run on your home computer.

What are finance calculators: Remember those times when we used sit down with a pen and pencil and keep trying to figure out complex math. Even traders, companies, banks, individuals kept finance calculations in a notebook or a journal.

Then to make things easier computers arrived on the scene. People could develop simple programs that did the maths for you quickly, efficiently and most importantly with extreme accuracy. Finance calculators are such programs which crunch numbers for you to help you understand and solve your financial problems.

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What can it do: These calculators can help you do a variety of finance maths. These are used by not only individuals like you and me, but also banks, financial institutions and even the government organizations.

Search the Internet and you can find various versions for each and every purpose. Most of us come across these calculators while looking for loan or other financial assistance information.

Some other useful calculators designed for specialized tasks also exist. These may be for computing auto and car loan, personal loan, business loan, savings, budget, mortgage, etc.

Auto and car loan calculator: Calculators for auto and car loan computations are useful if you want an estimate of the monthly repayments you need to make when you borrow a car loan for purposes like buying or repairing a car.

Personal loan calculator: Personal occasions and celebrations can be an expensive affair. Personal loan calculator helps you draw loans for personal reasons such as your anniversary celebrations.

Business loan calculators: A growing business or your new business needs finance. Calculators for business loans can help you acquire business finance in quick and simple way.

Student loan calculators: Students aspiring to get into that expensive university or course need funds. Student loan or education loan calculators help them understand their monthly repayments for such student loans.

Budget calculator: If you are a person who needs to keep tabs on his daily expenditure and plan for his future investments you need budget calculators to make your work easy. Budget calculators also come handy for companies and businesses that need to make budgetary allocations for their employees or expansion plans.

Savings calculators: Keeping up with today’s increasing prices is a huge difficulty. Even more difficult is to save you pennies. Savings calculators can help you plan your savings.

Mortgage calculator: Moneylenders need some assurance that you can repay the loan back. This assurance comes in the form of some your own property. Mortgage calculators help you calculate that property value and how much mortgage you need to assure the moneylender.

Besides loans and savings, these accounting task related calculators also help you plan investments. For example, a mutual fund returns calculator, sip calculator and sip planners. Tax calculator, stamp duty calculator, sales tax calculator, insurance calculators, retirement calculators and other versions are now becoming a necessity.

Mutual fund returns calculator: If you have invested in certain mutual funds or stocks a mutual fund returns calculator helps you understand how much returns you have been getting for particular time period.

SIP calculator: Systematic investment plan calculator or SIP calculators helps you decide how much you must invest each month to get a certain return from a mutual fund family

Stamp duty calculators: Governments worldwide levy certain taxes on legal documents and deeds. Stamp duty calculator helps you calculate such legal taxes.

Tax calculator and sales tax calculator: Income tax calculator is a handy tool to calculate your yearly income tax returns. In the same way sales tax calculator helps you calculate taxes on sale on of certain commodities that are levied by your local government.

Insurance calculator: Financial calculators like insurance calculator help you plan for medical emergencies and insurances such as for your car or property.

Retirement calculator: Retirement calculators help plan for your expenses especially after retirement based on your current and projected income and age.

Where do I find a finance calculator: Free versions are available easily on the web for your Desktop PC. Most of us have MS Office or MS Excel or Open Office Calc on our computers. You can find many more utilities, templates and in built functions in these programs that help you do common calculations.

Else, you can download or purchase programs that do finance calculations. An even smarter and simpler alternative is to look for finance related websites, they frequently host such calculators. You can simply open such a website and enter the details in the calculator you wish to use. Once you enter the basic details, it will do the number crunching for you.

However, note that these calculators are meant to give you a rough idea about your finance problems. Don’t expect them to show you the perfect answers. Follow the basic precautions, before opting for any finance schemes or loans. Always consult the financial advisors, guides, documentation and the right people to ensure you don’t fall into a financial trap and have a clear understanding of the terms and conditions involved.

Do use a finance calculator to save on time and energy. They can go a long way in dealing with your financial conditions.

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