In the olden days, there were pickaxes. It had a long wooden handle with a metal blade. This acted as a lever to use the force from a worker’s back muscles and arms.

It took a lot of time and effort to dig a hole or drill a rock. The Modern day answer to this tool is the Air Hammer also known as Jackhammer.

What is an Air Hammer? Air Hammer is a hand tool. It is a pneumatic tool used for carving, breaking, cutting metal objects or even stone.

Reports state that a skilled and strong worker uses a pickaxe about 10 times or more in a minute. Compared to this, the Air hammer pounds the ground around 1500 times a minute.

It also has the option to accept different tools as per the function required such as removing screws, seized bolts, etc.

The name itself is very intriguing so it is best to discuss how does the air Hammer work? Inbuilt in the hammer is a circuit of air tubes. Air is pumped from the compressor into the jackhammer from a valve on one side. This makes the pile driver, drill bit, etc. to work. For more information check

How to install an Air Hammer? The following steps may be followed for safe and efficient handling:

  • Firstly, make sure the power is cut off or switched off.
  • In order to change the bits as per the work required, the spring has to be removed. Usually, it is threaded and can be removed by turning it counterclockwise. Some other air hammers have a lock system which can be depressed and the chisel bit can be removed.
  • Insert the new bit into the cylinder head through a clockwise motion.
  • It is important to test the chisel to make sure it is properly locked in place by using force to pull and push it.

Once the air hammer is ready, then the following steps can be followed:

Step 1: It is very important first to determine what type of chisel bit is needed for the type of work required. Make sure that the bits are not worn out or damaged.

Step 2: After making sure that the main device is well lubricated as per the manufacturer’s instruction, insert the chisel bit into the primary device. Please follow the instructions given in the manual.

Step 3: Most air chisels come with air connectors. So insert the air connector from your chisel device to the air compressor. Make sure that all the junctions are properly sealed to avoid leaks.

Step 4: Initially, it is best to use it first at a low setting and then gradually increase the force. The angle at which it is held also impacts the work.

CONCLUSION: Since the Air hammer is a pneumatic hand held, hand controlled tool, it is better to make sure to wear protective gear so as to prevent mishaps. Also basic safety instructions such as those mentioned in the manual need to be strictly followed. The owner’s manual and the labels attached to its various parts should be read and understood first.

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